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The Mills Realty Difference

Mills Realty saves you money by only charging $500 upfront and 3/4 of 1% at closing.
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Millions of Dollars in traditional commissions has been saved by Mills Realty sellers!

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Sale Price


6% Commission


Mills Commission
with buyers agent
($500 + 3/4% + 2.5%)


Mills Commission
without buyers agent
($500 + 3/4%)

Mills Realty saves you money by only charging $500 upfront and 3/4 of a percent at closing plus 2.5% if a buyer’s agent is involved. LEARN MORE

Mills Realty Success Stories

Communication Throughout The Process Was Excellent

Simon made the stressful experience of selling my house less stressful. His communication throughout the process was excellent, and he responded to all my questions and concerns promptly. He is a knowledgeable and experienced agent, and I am very glad I chose him to sell my house. Read more

Knowledgeable and Goes Way Beyond In Customer Support

Simon is probably the best Real Estate Agent we have ever used. He always answers the phone or calls you back in a timely manner. He is extremely knowledgeable and goes way beyond in customer support Read more

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