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The Mills Realty Difference

Mills Realty saves you money by only charging $500 upfront and 3/4 of 1% at closing.
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Millions of Dollars in traditional commissions has been saved by Mills Realty sellers!

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Sale Price


6% Commission


Mills Commission
with buyers agent
($500 + 3/4% + 2.5%)


Mills Commission
without buyers agent
($500 + 3/4%)

Mills Realty saves you money by only charging $500 upfront and 3/4 of a percent at closing plus 2.5% if a buyer’s agent is involved. LEARN MORE

Mills Realty Success Stories

Perfect Fit For Our Housing Needs

In a matter of two weeks Simon took my family from being clueless about where to move to finding a perfect fit for our housing needs. He is an all around great guy, very friendly and super helpful when it comes to finding exactly what you need. Read more

Provides An Excellent Service

I’ve worked with Simon for years. He has full knowledge of the real estate landscape in the LA area and provides an excellent service. On top of it all, he’s saved me tens of thousands of dollars! I wouldn’t look anywhere else. – John Enghauser of Los Angeles, CA

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